Pin-Up On Duty Shirt

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Pin-Up On Duty Shirt

Our "Pin-Up On Duty" T-shirt is a tribute to our outstanding U.S. female Veteran Ambassadors who have answered the call of duty to serve our Country. These ladies have chosen once again to serve, by supporting their Veteran brothers and sisters in the VA Hospitals and State Veterans Homes across the U.S.A.  Our beautiful and brave Pin-Ups for Vets Ambassadors are artistically captured in this image that is front and center on our super-soft and comfy navy blue 100% cotton T-shirts. The image also features a collage of colors that can be found in the many uniforms that our ladies proudly wore, while representing all branches of the Armed Services. Finally, the image also captures the red, white, and blue, as well as the stars and stripes in our American flag ! 

The shirt makes a perfect gift for our Veterans and Service Members, both men and women, who will be proud to wear this shirt that showcases an award-winning nonprofit organization and its volunteers who have been caring for our Nation's heroes since 2006.