"FUBAR" CARD GAME ("A hilarious game that brings out the worst in America's Best!!")

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Ships Only In The USA And To Deployed Troops
30.00 Ounces
$6.80 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
"FUBAR"   CARD  GAME  ("A hilarious game that brings out the worst in America's Best!!")

FUBAR is an irreverent, military-themed party game.  The base game includes cards from all military services, but is inclusive enough for civilians to join in the terrible fun. Each set includes 130 prompt cards and 310 answer cards.  FUBAR is the game to take your parties and field exercises!!

FUBAR was created by the team at War Games LLC, a collective of veteran writers from the military satire website Duffel Blog and their funniest friends from every branch of the service. 

This is a military alternative to "Cards Against Humanity"!  Best Barracks Part Game Ever!

YOUR MILITARY BUDDIES ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS GAME!   Great for Vets and non-military, too!


Each player draws 10 response cards.  Taking turns, one player takes turns drawing a prompt card and reads it out loud.  The others play a response card they think is the best (or the most horrible).  The player with the prompt card picks the best one. The person whose card is chosen "wins" the prompt card.  Collect five prompt cards to wind the game and see if you still have any friends in the group !  


Just in case you were having a problem figuring out how to add beverage consumption into your game play in an organized fashion, you'll get a free copy of FUBAR- America's Favorite Drinking Game, which adds competition, treachery and beverage consumption into every game. 


The boxed card game weighs 30 ounces and measures 7" by 4' by 2.75".