Bomb Girl Poster

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Bomb Girl Poster

“Bombs Away !”  Pin-Ups For Vets Founder, Gina Elise, is a huge fan of the alluring nose art that was painted on U.S. bombers during WWII to boost morale and bring luck to the air crews who flew those daring and dangerous missions over Europe and in the Pacific. As a tribute to those WWII pilots and bombadiers who flew B-17 bombers like the famous Memphis Belle, Pin-Up-In-Chief Gina Elise proudly launches her “Bombshell” poster.

"Bombshell" is a nickname that is given to someone who is devastatingly beautiful and captivating. The nickname came about when the posters of pin-up girls like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth were plastered all over the lockers of G.I.'s in the military. These devastatingly beautiful women were compared to “a bombshell” because they were viewed as exploding with beauty and sex appeal! 

This “Bombshell” poster is the perfect gift for a WWII Veteran, an Air Force service member, a pilot, or a fan of the WWII-style pin-up genre, and it would be the perfect conversation piece on a wall in your garage or “man cave”!  By purchasing this poster, you will be helping the Pin-Ups For Vets nonprofit organization to support our Nation’s Heroes in hospital wards and in the combat zones.